Knowing how to work with the customer not only requires language skills and subject-matter knowledge. It also calls for abilities such as body language reading, intonation and emulation to become the speaker's voice and image in the target language for the speaker's audience.


Simultaneous Interpreters

Simultaneous Interpreters are the ones who speak in another language concurrently as the speaker is talking. This normally involves use of interpretation equipment such as earphones, microphones, booths, etc., although when working on an individual basis with a client, the interpreter will use a technique called whispering, and translate the words simultaneously into the listener's ears.

Consecutive Interpreters

A consecutive interpreter will wait for the speaker to finish in order to repeat what has been said. This technique can be used in short press conferences or interviews. Normally, the interpreter will ask the speaker to give short sentences. This technique will double the time you have scheduled as everything is said twice.

Escort Interpreters

Usually used in plant tours, business tours, etc. The interpreter accompanies an individual or a very small group of people to plant sites, business interviews, field trips and other places where a single individual can manage the service.

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